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Delphi is a beautiful blue nose pitbull, about 1 year old. We trained her "brother" Brutus, an American bully puppy, about a year prior. (We love our return clients!) Delphi is a quiet and sensitive girl, but stubborn! She did very well learning to focus on her leader and follow guidance.

Charlie is a poodle mix, nearly 3 years old. We had the pleasure of working with the owner's other dog, Buddy, almost 4 years before! She brought us this new little guy after adopting him at 2 years of age. He has a history of anxiety and simply not listening well. He turned out to be very bright, just a little sensitive and a total sweetie! 

Pebbles is a friendly and goofy lab/German shepherd mix, only 6 months old and already a big girl! She attended group classes at a popular pet store, but it was treat-based, making it difficult to get Pebbles to listen without food or around distractions. She did a great job learning basic commands and manners. Her family now has the tools to help her grow up to be a good girl and keep that energy under control.  

Boris is a 2 year old American bulldog. He has an exceedingly sweet temperament, but knows how to use his heavy body to push his way around! He was stubborn, but came around and learned to be a gentle giant. Just a few months later we had the pleasure of training his little German shepherd brother, Rico.

Nero is a 4 month old cane corso. His owner made a reservation when he was only 3 months knowing the nature of the breed. As a powerful and potentially dangerous breed, it's critical to train a cane corso as early as possible! As a baby, Nero is a sweet softie. With his owner's continued guidance, these aspects of his nature will be enhanced as he grows up with solid leadership.

Storm (8 months, female, gray) and Ghost (7 months, male, black) are two spunky miniature schnauzers that came in together. Ghost is a fun-loving guy and just didn't want to follow the rules. Storm has anxiety and likes being in control. Both made some big changes in their perspectives on life and learned to follow human guidance! 

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