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Our Home and Your Dog’s Home Away from Home

When we purchased our new home in 2018 it was with the needs of CK9 in mind. Quietly situated in rural Woodcrest, the 2 1/2 acre property offers ample space for training, play time, walks, and peace. Our carefully designed living and working areas offer your dog a beautiful home to stay in as well as a pleasant place for you to meet with your trainer and work with your dog. We're centrally located in the peaceful hills just outside RIverside, easily accessible from the counties of Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego via the 15, 91, 74, and 215 freeways. 


Indoor Training

Training is not restricted to outdoors only. We utilize our family living areas to work with your dog on the Place command and house manners. We’ll hold part of your checkout lesson in the sitting room, where you can see your dog’s behavior in a real home environment and get some practice enforcing proper manners. Your dog will be educated in much more than obedience and will have practical experience. 


The Play Yard

A private area of the yard is dedicated to your dog’s socialization and relaxation! There's over 2300 sq. ft. for exercise and play. Artificial grass and regular cleaning keep the area safe and enjoyable. The outdoor portion of your checkout will be conducted in this area. Every dog receives play time at least 4 times a day, 7 days a week, with other dogs whenever possible. Their time out is 100% supervised and appropriate behavior is consistently enforced. The play yard is secured with 6-7 foot high fencing. Secure fencing and walls also surround the 2 1/2 acres as a secondary safety measure. 


Play Time Etiquette

We carefully supervise play time to ensure fun for all and teaching of good behavior. For your peace of mind, here are some of our most important rules:

  1. Aggressive or potentially aggressive dogs are not socialized off-leash. They receive private play time with a trainer.
  2. Harassing of other dogs is prohibited, including mounting, cornering, or anything else that makes another dog uncomfortable.
  3. Supervision teaches good habits and prevents digging, excessive barking, and other nuisance behaviors.


Clean and Sanitary

Cleanliness is taken very seriously. We take the extra time daily to ensure that the yard and home are clean, sanitary, and aesthetically appealing. We want you to feel comfortable and for your dog to stay healthy while in our care. A non-toxic biodegradable enzymatic spray is applied to the artificial grass and concrete patio to control bad odors and bacteria. Though safe for use around pets, this spray is applied at night, after the last play time, to ensure maximum safety. We use Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator and recommend it to our clients! Additional health measures include required proof of vaccinations and flea control for all dogs. 


All-Indoor Housing

In our home is a 630 sq. ft. room just for the dogs! Clean and comfortable, this room is cooled in the summer and heated in the winter. 16 sq. ft. pens and 25 sq. ft. heavy gauge runs provide a secure space for small and large dogs. These indoor spaces are for the safe keeping of your pet in between obedience training sessions, play time, potty breaks, and time in the home. Additional amenities include: a small fridge and freezer to store fresh food for special diets; two ceiling fans that are always on for healthy air flow; and soothing music that sets a relaxing tone and drowns out noise that may trigger barking. 

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