A 12-Day Boarding School for Dogs


Real Life Training in the Trainers' Home

We're not your average dog trainers! We've created a carefully structured program that incorporates genuine home life with structured board-and-train management that enables your dog to dive into learning, achieving amazing results in only 12 days. Once the foundation is set, we work with you individually to teach you how to maintain success and be a trusted and respected leader on your own. Instruction is customized to the individual needs of you and your dog. Two free follow-ups included!


Your Dog is Capable!

We utilize the natural psychology of dogs to establish structure by balancing affection and discipline. Dogs have an innate ability to follow respectable leadership once communication is established. We nurture this trait to bring out the best in your dog's abilities! We tailor our approach to the personality of each dog we work with, reaching for the stars while maintaining achievable goals. 


Follow-Up Care to Ensure Success

Every dog goes home with a video of them training with their trainer, their own training collar, and CK9's comprehensive handbook to help you carry on the progress at home. Two free follow-up lessons are included, with additional lessons available if needed. We're always available by phone or email to walk you through most issues. We work hard to set you up with the concepts and techniques that you can use to empower yourself in any situation.


The back says "I Graduated!"

Show off your dog's hard work and your dedication with our fun new tag! It can be easily attached to either your dog's regular collar or the training collar.

Previous graduates too!

Did your dog graduate before we started offering these? Send us an email with your name and current address and we'll mail you one for free!

What We Teach

Program Walkthrough

Sign Up

Schedule your check-in and checkout appointments and pay your deposit. We start a new session every 2 or 3 weeks. Check here for our upcoming schedule. Arrangements can be made easily over the phone or via email. The duration of your dog's stay is 12 or 13 days, depending on your choices for check-in and checkout days. The training is the same either way, we just need to spread out the appointments as we spend a lot of time with each individual family.

Come to Your First Appointment

All you need to bring is your dog's food, proof of current vaccinations, and to make sure they're current with monthly flea control. You'll meet with us at our home for about 1 hour. We'll greet you at the door and give you a tour. We'll discuss your dog, your needs, training goals, and your responsibilities to maintain the training. We'll also do all we can to assure you that we'll take excellent care of your baby!

Take the Time to Recharge!

We know you'll miss your dog! But relax and enjoy your break while your baby is away at "doggie camp." We'll keep you updated with two detailed weekly reports. The first one is emailed to you on the first Friday, and the second one is on the day before your pup goes home. 

Return for Your Second Appointment

Be prepared to be amazed! You'll receive a 2 hour lesson (or 3 hours with 2+ dogs) when you return to pick up your educated pup. We'll greet you at the door again, discuss your dog's training, watch your dog do all of the commands on video, and then walk you through a well-mannered reunion. A link to download your dog's video is emailed to you after your lesson, plus you'll receive our handbook and your dog's training collar!

Be Ready to Learn

At your checkout you'll learn all about how to be a good leader and receive hands-on instruction for commands. We'll also cover solutions for specific concerns. We encourage all involved adults and older children to attend! Little ones are also welcome, we just want to be sure you're able to focus on the lesson.

Live Happily Ever After!

Follow the instructions given to maintain obedience commands and manners at home. Your practice sessions are only 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week! Plus manners as needed. Use what you learn to control problem behaviors in the moment as they occur. See the results continue to improve as you continue to be consistent! Contact us anytime for additional help if and when you ever need it. Most of the time we can help you over the phone or by email. You'll also have two follow-up lessons at our location available to you that never expire. We will always be here for you!

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Is 12 days long enough?

You'd be amazed what your dog can do with the right approach!


What method do you use?

Our dog training combines affection and discipline to achieve natural results.


Will my dog still be happy?

Structure and leadership make your dog happier and feel more secure!